Generalities on dental implants


Regain your smile and your bite!

The pleasures of eating
the joys of talking
and especially a pretty smile.

Currently millions of people suffer from dental problems in France. The loss of one or more teeth and roots can be enough to ruin your life and lead to short or medium-term physical and psychological health problems.
Don’t forget that a pretty smile is an effective means of seduction. It can play a big role in helping you succeed in your personal and professional life.

There is a solution :

It involves replacing the missing roots with dental implants. Since 1965, the implant technique lets people missing one or more teeth regain a real quality of life.
In the 21st century, this technique is reliable and well mastered. It is among the therapeutic solutions your practitioner knows and uses in his treatment plans.
Ask him for advice..

Dental implant

To avoid :

  • no longer smiling for fear of destabilising a prosthesis, which moreover is often unattractive
  • refusing yourself the pleasures of eating because eating becomes a diffi cult task
  • suffering disturbed speech

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