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Manual gripper for Master Lilas Implant

Référence : TMP25-C

Gripper / Short manual screwdriver for implant from the range Master (Lilas).
This tool can be use on the CAC surgical ratchet wrench.

The manual screwdriver is used to do the gripping of the implant in its package and bring it on the laying site without touch it. Associated with the ratchet wrench, it is used to screw the implant by hand and to well position the collar at the disered bone level, supra-crestal, juxta-crestal or under-crestal. However it can not quantify the insertion couple. A torque too high (> 70 may deform the hex of the implant. It is made of stainless steel and is quenched to improve its mechanical properties. A blade anodized titanium 'Lilac' allows you to enter and maintain the implant with gentle rubbing. The total lenght of the screwdriver is 21 mm, 10 mm for the handle and 11 mm for the crown part which allows the implant gripping. 6 laser marks at 60° are posed symmetrically at the hexagone of the screwdriver allowing to the care provider to put a hexagonal face of the vestibular connection to catch angulations in bucco-palatal and in mesial to catch the mesiodistal angulations.


Gamme Lilas

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